Cold Coffee On Tap

Cold Coffee On Tap Novi, Michigan

As you may have noticed, cold coffee on tap has a dramatically different flavor profile from traditionally prepared (hot) coffee, which may have surprised you. The acidic oils generated when coffee is brewed in hot water are responsible for the flavor of the coffee beverage. On the other hand, cold coffee can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to finish brewing compared to room-temperature coffee. Therefore, rather than changing the flavor profile of coffee by chemical means, the flavor is “injected” straight into the water before the coffee is made. When I first started drinking Joe’s Coffee, this was revealed to me.

When you use cold coffee from the tap, you are not making coffee; instead, you create a coffee concentrate. Cold-brewed coffee concentrate can be around 70% less acidic than hot brewed coffee when compared to hot brewed coffee. Coffee with less acidity is more enjoyable for the stomach and less damaging to the teeth. You’ll also enjoy a more prosperous, smoother cup of coffee as a result of this change. Thank you to the entire Joe’s Coffee team!

Cold-brewed coffee preserves its flavor and aroma and does not taste stale or like coffee that has been sitting out for a day. The chemistry of cold-brewed coffee concentrate does not change as it cools, which means that its flavor will not change over time as it cools. If properly refrigerated, cold coffee on tap concentration can last for three weeks!

Cold brewing provides a smooth and non-bitter, which is ideal for making iced coffee. Cold brewing can make hot coffee by mixing the coffee concentrate with hot water after the coffee has been brewed successfully.

What is the best way to make cold brew coffee?Cold Coffee On Tap Michigan, USA

The process of cold brewing coffee is straightforward. All you’ll need is your favorite coffee grinds and a piece of simple cold brew equipment, such as Toddy’s, which is excellent. Finally, if you want to serve iced coffee on tap (a comprehensive essay on this will be published soon), cold-brewed coffee is the way to go. Why? Because most of the items that are offered on tap will be kept in a keg until they are needed (potentially for extended periods). If you pour hot brewed coffee into a barrel, the flavor profile of the coffee will vary as it cools throughout a couple of days. Cold brew coffee has a consistent flavor profile. It may be stored in a keg for an extended time without losing its flavor.


  • In your Toddy, combine the coffee grinds and water and stir well. Allow for a 12-24 hour resting period at room temperature.
  • Empty the coffee concentrate into your container after being filtered through it.
  • Keep the coffee concentrate chilled for 2-4 weeks after brewing. You now have access to high-quality coffee at any time of day or night.
  • When serving, water down to make it more appealing. Usually, you can use a teapot to heat the water. You can start with a third cup of coffee concentrate and then add two-thirds of the hot water from the teapot.
Cold Coffee On Tap Michigan,USA